Working. Reading. Dreaming. Resting. Thinking. Smiling. Living.

Learning. Laughing. Growing. Sleeping. Hugging. Loving.

Welcome to Seltor Bolig

Life is a little adventure where almost anything can happen. For generations, we have built homes that accommodate all types of people and all types of lives. This equips us to develop new homes that are more than just homes, but places that are close to the heart.


A history we are proud of

Seltor Bolig is part of the Seltor Group, which has been involved in residential construction and contracting since 1938. Today, we always have a large number of new homes under development and for sale in central Eastern Norway. Our goal is always to create homes we are proud of. Homes that are good to be at home in - no matter where you are in life.  


Construction start in Holmestrand

Bane NOR Eiendom and Seltor Bolig have decided to start construction on the third and final phase of Strandholmen in Holmestrand. The residential project consists of 70 apartments divided into 3 construction stages. The property is located on the waterfront, a few meters from Holmestrand Station, and most of the apartments will have sea views.