Why wait to enjoy yourself?

Published: September 20, 2021

Kate Eikeland Larsen (54) and her husband are really looking forward to living in Buerhaven.

"I was probably the most eager, but now we're both equally excited," says Kate Eikeland Larsen. She and her husband Jørn have secured one of the penthouses in the fourth and final building in Buerhaven.   

The day we retire, THEN we'll really enjoy ourselves

"Alot of people seem to think that way," says Kate. "But, why wait to live conveniently and easily? Why on earth can't we enjoy ourselves now? While we're still fit and can really enjoy it?"

The Eikeland Larsen couple are both in their 50s and in full-time employment. Retirement is a distant future, and they love gardening, renovating, carpentry and fixing things - both at home and at their self-built cottage in Tuddal, which was completed twenty years ago. But enough can be enough, and they don't quite understand why more people don't do what they do: move before it becomes too much.

The best choice - at the best time

"I simply felt that I was getting a little bored. I also wanted more time and energy for children and, not least, grandchildren. So when I saw the ad on Facebook for the very last stage of construction here at Buerhaven, everything happened very quickly," says Kate. "There's a lot to choose from these days, but for us, Buerhaven was the best choice! Here we can enjoy ourselves while being fit and active. And we can still have a great time when we're old. Now we're moving for the first and last time. It's a wonderful thought!".

She believes there are many good reasons not to delay too long. Not least the fact that emptying and clearing out a well-inhabited house is a not inconsiderable job. They wanted to do that job themselves, while they could. They don't think this is something the kids, their three daughters aged 25, 30 and 32, should have to deal with later.

Already lowered shoulders

"Yes, it's a bit strange, but just the fact that the decision has been made does something to you. We're still a while away from moving, but we've now put aside plans for renovation and other things. We've simply lowered our shoulders a little. It feels good," says Kate happily.

Didn't want to go downtown

Kate and Jørn Larsen noticed Buerhaven when the first building was completed in 2010. She grew up at Osebakken in Porsgrunn, he at Borgestad. In fact, it's his childhood home where they live today. If they were to sell the house one day and move into an apartment, it would have to be somewhere nearby, preferably in Borgestad. Like Buerhaven. They didn't want to go to the city center.

"No, we don't want to live in the middle of the city. In Buerhaven, we're close enough to both Skien and Porsgrunn - and can use both towns as much and as easily as we want. What we need on a daily basis, we get right over here at Borgeåsen Center. Even a pharmacy!I'msure we'll have more use for that intime," says Kate Eikeland Larsen with a smile.

Kate is, on the whole, a lady with a twinkle in her eye and a good sense of humor. She beams when she describes their new life, which starts the day they can put the key in the door of their penthouse in Buerhaven: an apartment with everything they need, an extra bedroom and a guest toilet - and not least a lovely, beautiful patio with a roof overhead!

Time for everything - and time to spare

The couple are looking forward to more time at the cabin and more trips on the "corona boat" (last year's new acquisition!). They look forward to - on impulse - being able to get on their bikes and take a trip to a café or cinema. All without having to think about the wall that should have been painted or the hedge that should have been mowed.

But, most of all, Kate is looking forward to spending even more time with her grandchildren!

In Buerhaven, grandchildren can come and go

"In the fall, we'll have two of our grandchildren right over here at Buer School. One in first and one in third grade," says Kate, pointing towards the school across the road from Buerhaven. "Soon I'll be able to stand and watch them play and play soccer! And if they want to pop in after school, we'll be two minutes away. It's going to be fantastic!"

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