An openness we need more of

Published: September 20, 2021

The CEO of Seltor wanted to contribute to more transparency around mental health.

CEO and owner of the Seltor Group, Stian Råmunddal, recently donated NOK 200,000 to Mental Health. The reason was that he wants more openness about mental health. At the same time, he wanted to thank those who helped him when he himself was struggling after a friend and work colleague took his own life.

- "I work in the construction industry, which is a masculine industry. A lot can be seen as whining or complaining here, but we must have a low threshold for taking people seriously. Mental health is incredibly important, and we need to have a good level of tolerance for people to be able to say that they're not okay," Stian told Varden in connection with the donation.

On August 30, the editor-in-chief of Varden used the column space in his editorial to praise the openness of Stian and others.

Read the editorial in Varden here

Photo: C. Hill-Jensen, Mental Health

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